Moving in with Aries Energy

We have just experienced the Aries New Moon at the end of last week which is a pivotal “seed planting” time for taking your dreams and ideas into the action process. We have had a long dreamy Pisces time, which is still strong with the conjunction of Neptune and Jupiter this week adding an abundant and imaginative playground for dreams and creative ideas. Remember for a dream to manifest you first need to see it in its ideal form and then you can start creating the step by step strategy to manifest it. This is the flavour at the moment, with the fiery and determined Aries Sun and Mercury pushing for action and Mars and Saturn in Aquarius encouraging the collective energy and support.

These coupled planetary energies (see diagram) can be powerful if consciously worked with or can be contradicting and frustrating if you are just muddling through things. I like to explain it like one would a colour mixing exercise. If you give a kid a paintbrush and a pot of red and a pot of green paint, it can get quite muddy…. but if you consciously put the green where you want it and then wash the brush and then add the red strategically next to it, the colours can pop and be powerfully vibrant and effective. So this applies to energy too. Right now the impulsive energy of Mars is on the same degree in Aquarius as the slow and steady energy of Saturn. Mars is like the accelerator and Saturn is like the brake. If we rev forward and then brake suddenly at the first speed bump we will have a very jerky ride, but if we use the Mars energy for speed and Saturn to control the speed and as the map of where you are heading, these two energies can be very successful in getting to your destination.

Here are the Moon signs for the week:

  • 5/4 – 7/4 GEMINI MOON
  • Eve of 7/4 – 10/4 CANCER MOON

Venus moves into Pisces on the 5th of April

Mars conjunct Saturn (exact) – 22` Aquarius

Jupiter conjunct Neptune (exact) – 23`Pisces

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