To infinity and beyond

Jupiter magnifies and expands and right now it is in an exact conjunction with the dreamy energies of Neptune.

I have been having such vivid dreams at the moment. I have also found the dreams have been a lot more spiritual. The veil is very thin right now and dreams, visions, hunches, intuitions, signs are strong. Use these signs as a navigational tool to where you need to go.

This extreme sensitivity to the higher world can also be experienced as extreme overwhelm, self-doubt, anxiety, or fears that come up as the bridge between your finite/mundane life and the infinite are “worlds” apart.

The Full Moon can be a great time to get an objective overview of the imbalances (Libra Moon) and what can shift to allow you to let go of some of the crutches and fears around moving into something new.

Mercury the planet of rational information moves into the practical sign of Taurus encouraging us to find a practical and grounded approach to work with this wide-open energy of possibility.

Mars is slowly moving away from the Saturn energy that may have felt quite difficult to work with last week – this may have brought up some frustration, repressed anger, or a determination to find a way forward. Mars will move into Pisces from 15/4/22 joining Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune.

The “Easter” Full Moon in Libra on 16/4/22 highlights the imbalances that may be coming up in your personal life or globally. The Full Moon is the spotlight and will bring things to light. Libra is about finding the balance, the harmony, the connection. This Full Moon has a strong humanitarian and Pisces energy to it. Jupiter will still be in an exact conjunction with Neptune and Mars will have moved into Pisces too, pushing us to take action.

So to conclude this week`s insight: Listen to your intuition, jot your dreams down and find a way to set the ball rolling in a dream you feel strongly about – it may be a personal dream or a desire to help, whatever it is, use the waning 2 weeks to release what needs to go to make space for a proactive approach of making your dreams come true.

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