From dreaming to action

The Sun has ingressed into Aries and so we begin a new Zodiac Sun phase. Aries is the energy of action, determination, playful spontaneity, and a drive to initiate things. Let`s bring this energy into the flow of some of our core intentions. We can start to log our intentions over this week so that by the Aries New Moon we are ready to push onto a new clean slate. I drew up a chart for the first moment of Aries Sun 00` and we have Virgo Ascendant which encourages us to find our order by understanding our own needs rather than getting too stressed on the external chaos that keeps tripping us up. The Moon (soul and inner needs) is on the critical degree of 29` Libra enhancing the need to find the balance within your own inner needs and your obligations to others. The heavy 6th house shows how easily we can go into overwork and push the sensitive balance of work/rest/play out of balance.

The dreamy Pisces dominant 7th house shows a chance to connect in beautiful and compassionate ways with those that see you, but this can also be a place where you escape from self by idealizing or dreaming your own needs away by wishing someone else to be the hero/ine. The message is to stay connected, escaping will only take you further away from your own path. The answer is in the 0`Aries Sun that sits on the edge of the 8th house where we are being encouraged to push through the fear and understand the shadows so that we can conquer them with light.

Planetary movements for this week are:

  • Mercury moved passed the abundant energies of Jupiter and is heading towards the dreamy energies of Neptune. This is great for dreams, creative writing, lyric and poetry writing, compositions, art, or any form of creativity or imagination, channeling into the dream/spirit world.
  • By Monday Venus conjuncts Saturn where the energies of values/money/love may be restricted or structured in Saturn ways. This is good for budgeting, boundaries, holding space, and learning to say no – if no is what you need to say.

Moon movements:

  • 21-23/3/22 = Scorpio waning Moon
  • 23 -25/3/22 = Sagittarius waning Moon
  • 25 -27/3/22 = Capricorn waning half Moon

I will be running my New Moon workshops again in April. This one is an important one of new beginnings and setting your dreams and intentions into action ARIES style. I will be focussing on the Moon through the signs and offering astro card insights to deepen the understanding of astrology.

I hope to run my first workshop in Barrydale on 1/4/22 and then 3/4/22 at my Studio in Kommetjie. I will send more details on social media and the broadcast group.

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