Virgo Full Moon

The Full Moon is in Virgo this month on the 18th of March.  The Full Moon shines light on the dark, and Virgo focus`s on the finer details. So this Full Moon could bring up some interesting things that may have been hiding until now.

The Full Moon is the point at which the Moon shifts from waxing to waning and highlights what areas to start releasing so that by the next new Moon you are ready to start on a clean slate.  Use this time to do the Virgo survey of cleaning things up so that you feel more connected to yourself and with yourself. A little spring clean can go a long way.

Mercury has left Aquarius and now is bumbling its way through Pisces. It is about to connect with Jupiter and then Neptune, so double check the facts and don`t just assume you know what someone is saying. Daydreaming and getting distracted are par for the course, so keep checking in to stay present . Mars and Venus are moving closer to Saturn in Aquarius  which could push things into some kind of formal box. This could be a contract, a strict ultimatum, a new rule or a restriction that pushes us to grow up or take things seriously. The exact conjunction of Mars/Saturn is on 5 April.

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