Hold your line

A disconnect can form between our head and our heart if we get too caught up in the fear of the unknown. Our hearts feel the pain of the collective and our heads try to make sense of it and this just de-centers us.

Right now there are so many intense energies and confusing stories flying around and we need to remind ourselves to stay with ourselves and quietly reconnect.

I got a gentle reminder today from someone to close my eyes for 5 minutes and just breathe. It really helped.

So let`s take a look at how things are moving since the intensity of the New Moon last week:

Venus and Mars are still dancing their contrasting dance of force and attraction, of asserting and allowing, of anger and release and the need for peace, as they weave their way into Aquarius leaving the controlling energies of Pluto behind as the old order still tries to cling onto the last remnants of Capricorn Rules. The Aquarius energy is strong now as Mars and Venus, Mercury and Saturn all weave into the social structures of the collective energy.

The sensitivity and compassion of Pisces is also activated with three planets moving through it – The Sun, Jupiter, and Neptune. This can be a time of great connection to your dreams, spiritual activities, and other infinite activities such as composing, poetry, music, art writing, and other deep imaginative connections. The portal to download higher information is open and strong right now. This energy can also be the complete opposite and in our fear, we want to escape from ourselves and then this can become an overwhelming time of confusion.

So to bring the air element of Aquarius in with the water element of Pisces together we have the perfect humanitarian combination. Connection is the keyword here – Connection to yourself as well as connection to each other. Stay objective and keep the bigger picture in mind (Air) and work with those deep feelings and hunches and dreams – they are part of the important part of working with your inner compass to navigate you forward authentically.

Planetary movements for this week:

Venus and Mars are on 01`Aquarius

Mercury is moving through the last section of Aquarius – it will move into Pisces on the 10th of March

The Moons movements are: Today 8/3 = the last part of Taurus and then moves into Gemini until the 11/3 where it will then be in Cancer for the weekend.

Wishing you all a beautiful week of staying present, staying connected, and being sensitive to your own rhythm as well as those around you…

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