POLARITIES Dancing with the dark and the light

Sometimes I wonder if it is because I know that the planetary alignment is intense that I am feeling it, or if I am just sensitive to the energies. Right now it feels like things have been turned up to max.

Let`s take a look at what is going on in the sky right now, because it sure seems to be affecting us both personally and globally. I saw this Mars/Pluto conjunction coming and I was sure it would bring some things to the surface like a boil that has popped or a pressure cooker that’s lid blows off… Mars is quite a fast-moving planet and tends to conjunct the outer planets every two or so years (its orbit is 22months). However this time the conjunction to Pluto feels like it is part of a bigger plan and the next phase of the Lockdown period which was the last time that Mars was in conjunction with Pluto.

It feels like things are now coming to a head and as we saw last time the conjunction was with Saturn and Jupiter, this time it is with Venus and having just had a Venus retrograde recently (December/January) where things needed to be reevaluated, we are now at a point where things need to shift. The problem with the combination of the feisty, hot, and impulsive energies of Mars mixed with the intense and controlling energies of Pluto is it is explosive and can create quite a destructive wake behind it.

Mars revs things up and Pluto destroys things, so we saw that in Lockdown when we had this conjunction and now it has returned to the same placement (Mars cycle is 22months) and this one is like the crux because the next time Mars returns to conjunct Pluto (13/2/2024), Pluto will have moved into Aquarius and the huge fight between the old order and the new way will have found some kind of momentum and direction.

This New Moon on Wednesday feels particularly strong. The planets are aligned in such tight conjunctions in the three signs of Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

The polarity of dark and light, and good and evil seems to be intensified right now. It is like this judgment see-saw of which side are you on, yet the boxes are no longer fitting…. Stereotypes are dissolving yet the more they are dissolving the more people seem to cling to the remnants of the box.

What also tends to happen in intense times like these, is to either hold on too tightly to the past or idealize our way into the future. We can see this quite strongly with the strong Pisces emphasis right now where it is so much easier to pretend this is not happening and escape into ”guruland” where someone will rescue you from the harshness of reality and make it all fine. We need to try stay present and understand the dark and use the light to transform things rather than just escape from the dark into the light.

There is a strong tendency with the planetary placements to fixate on a Guru-like person instead of realizing the power is within you and if we all start to really work with our authentic power we can be a formidable team of Light Workers..

I will be talking on this subject in depth at my New Moon workshop tonight and tomorrow night.

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