The Pressure Cooker

I had the chance to escape into the mountains this weekend and lie under the star-studded sky. One forgets how bright the stars are when we are stuck in the smoggy city. As I was lying down watching the stars and trying to find the different constellations, it took me back to how those first astronomers/astrologers used to map the sky and find the cosmic timing through the movement of the planets through the seasons. Time and space are the key components in manifesting something.

On that note, let`s see what is happening right now in the sky for this week:

The Sun has just moved into the sign of Pisces enhancing a month of focusing on dreams, connecting to each other in more compassionate ways, and finding the thread between infinite and finite. The challenge is to find a way to connect to something rather than escape from it.

Mars and Venus continue to dance together in a push-pull dance for dominance as they move closer and closer to the intensity of Pluto. This dance can be dynamic and effective if you can stay conscious of the opposite energies and know when to assert and when to allow – a bit like breathing in and breathing out. We are building up towards a climax and this can be intense and stressful, so stay objective and present to the signs of stress that can tip the sensitive balance.

Tomorrow we have the TWOSday on Tuesday where we have 22.2.22 which also enhances this undercurrent energy of power and connection and transformation. The number 2 is the Moon and the moon is all about nurturing, heartfelt connection, intuition. It is also a new beginning and the 5×2 = 10 = 1. The number 1 is the Sun which radiates and shines. So this day is about honoring our own needs and radiating our light out authentically and consciously.

The Moons is waning and moving through the signs of:

  • Libra – 21/2
  • Scorpio – 22-23/2
  • Sagittarius – 24-25/2
  • Capricorn – 26-27/2


I will be running a new Moon workshop next week. The 2/3/22 slot is already full, so I am opening up the 1st/3/22 for those that wish to get the latest information on the current planetary alignments as well as looking at creating a conscious intention for the Month ahead with the New Moon. I will post the information on my website or you can contact me via DM or email or WhatsApp.

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