Love is in the aire

The practical Taurus side of me likes to bring this in a little and add the quote: “The grass is not greener on the other side… it is greener where you water it.” And my message for all you lovers and idealists is to remember to give back to yourself. Self-love is something we need to learn. Give yourself something special today – even if it is just a compliment. Valentine`s day starts with the sensitive Cancer Moon opposite Pluto which can tug at a few emotions. By 14h00 Cape Town time, the Moon moves into Leo adding a sparkle and the desire to party and have fun. So try not to let those early emotions cloud the fun you could have later. Venus and Mars dance together at 15` Capricorn. 

This can also be feisty and passionate. Mercury starts to move away from the intense energies of the conjunction to Pluto and prepares to fly into the airwaves of Aquarius from tomorrow. Mercury was at 0` Aquarius on the 2nd of January 2022 and on the 25th of January 2022. These dates may have been seed planting times of intentions or ideas that now have the chance to progress forward. The Full Moon on the 16th of February will be in Leo. The Moon is always in the opposite sign to the Sun at Full Moon shining light on the dark areas that may need to be seen. Right now the focus is on Aquarius – on groups, social structures, the masses, the communities, on friendships, and support groups. Now is not the time to hide in the crowd, but to find your own authentic power to connect with the crowd. Shine like the star that you are. Use your gifts, talents, and experience to make a difference. This Full Moon can be quite pivotal as the New Moon in two weeks` time may have some explosive and dynamic energies as Mars and Pluto form a conjunction where the need for compassion and peace becomes greater as the intensity of war and fighting come to a head around the 3/3/22. This is why the Full Moon is such an important point. It is the chance to see what is not working and use the waning 2 weeks to release what needs to go and inwardly prepare for the New Moon so that you are inwardly ready to make some conscious changes. The Sun moves out of Aquarius into the month of Pisces birthdays from the 19th of February. The Moon moves through the signs of Leo, Virgo, and Libra this week.

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