Mercury finally moves direct

So I really am feeling the flow coming back. I got a call to collect my ID and passport and got it in my hands finally. My book I am busy writing is starting to flow again and I am finally getting the clarity of how to structure it which brings in the energy and the movement which is exciting. I was feeling quite blocked and directionless for a while, but now I have a focal point and a goal and Venus and Mercury are both moving direct now.

If you look at the chart diagram you will see that most of the planets are in couples as we enter the month of love…. Even the Moon joins Uranus for a quickie before it moves off on its Luna journey through Taurus and then Gemini and finally Cancer for the weekend.

The Leo Full Moon next week will shine light on the group structures that have been shifting and renovating over the past year. This particular full Moon will be quite strong as it is in the fixed sign of Leo opposite the Sun in the fixed sign of Aquarius and they are in an exact square to the nodes in the fixed signs of Taurus and Scorpio. Fixed energy can be quite solid and non-negotiable. Things can feel intense or hard to find a compromise. You may need to find some creative and playful ways of redirecting the energy to avoid getting too locked into something you may struggle to get out of. Venus and Mars are also on the exact same degree of Capricorn on that day adding intensity to the mix. It is a bit like adding red and green to a painting. If you blur them together it can get quite muddy, but if you consciously choose to place the colors next to each other they can become even more vibrant as the opposites attract.

Mercury forms an exact conjunction with Pluto at 27` Capricorn on the 11th of February which can be quite a dynamic day in regards to communication or information. Pluto can intensify things and a conversation that may have started quite low-key could end up exploding or going next level into deeper transformational territory as Mercury moves back into Aquarius on the 15/2/22.

Planetary changes for the week are:


  • 7-9/2 = Taurus
  • 9 -11/2 = Gemini
  • 12-14/2 = Cancer

And we have the lovely Leo Moon for Valentine`s day adding passion and fun into the mix.

Mercury conjuncts Pluto on 27` Capricorn on the 11-12/2

Venus conjuncts Mars at 15` Capricorn on the 14/2 and they hover around the same degree for the rest of the month adding a strong dynamic masculine/feminine dance as they move together through the sky.

Mercury moves into Aquarius = 15/2/22

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