Release what no longer serves

Each month we get this reminder as the Moon comes to its last phase before starting back at the New Moon phase of new beginnings for the new Lunar month. This particular dark Moon hangs quite heavily as we are still in the last stages of Mercury in retrograde which can also bring up things from the past and the Venus retrograde which has just ended may have also pushed you to have to relook at your value system. The Moon also dances with the intense energies of Pluto today at the end of Capricorn, which can press some sensitive buttons and push you to stay conscious and not fall back into old stories that no longer serve you. There is a strong macro/micro dance going on between your own personal soul journey and the global changes we are all feeling and moving through right now. The passing from Capricorn into Aquarius today can be a chance for you to inwardly make peace with what has been and the intentions and dreams you know you are here to do.

Try to find a moment within your busy day to step out of the external obligations and spend a reflective moment with yourself. This is like a mini “new years eve” where each month you can reflect on what worked and what didn`t and consciously choose what you want to bring in for this month.

The New Moon in Aquarius offers new innovative energy. This is a chance to look at the collective, at connecting your own ideas within a group structure.

The alignment of the planets over this time is strong. There are three pairs of planets forming conjunctions.

Mars and Venus (masculine and feminine energies meet) – this may not be harmonious, but it can be a great time to find the balance and the flow to know when to assert yourself and when to trust and allow the universe to give you what you need.

Mercury and Pluto (communication and transformation) – this combo can bring up some information that may have been lying dormant. Information from the past may resurface and shake things up a bit. “The truth can set you free “ – comes up when I see this.

The Sun and Moon (new Moon) form a conjunction with Saturn in the sign of Aquarius which emphasizes the need to work strategically and patiently towards the collective goal as well as our own personal goals. Interestingly the quote “One tiny step for man, one giant leap for mankind…” comes to mind.

There is such a strong pull to reaching our dreams, yet we also need to create the foundations and renovate the structures to support us along the way.

For those that are super eager for Mercury to go direct – you need to be patient, because this week Mercury is still in retrograde until 3/2/22 and then it will stay at 24` Capricorn from the 1-8th of Feb before it starts to move forward slowly. It will form a tight exact conjunction to Pluto (27` Cap) on 11/2/22 before leaving Capricorn and entering Aquarius again with new information and new energy to move forward from 15/2/22.


  • Venus has already moved direct in the sign of Capricorn
  • New Moon in Aquarius 1/2/22
  • Mercury goes direct on 3/2/22
  • Mercury exactly conjunct Pluto 11/2/22

Moon signs for the week are:

  • 1-2/2/22 Aquarius New Moon
  • 3-5/2/22 Pisces
  • 5-7/2/22 Aries
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