Seatbelts On – Enjoy the ride


Sun moved into Aquarius 20/1/22

Mars moves into Capricorn 25/1/22

Mercury moves back into Capricorn 26/1/22

Mercury conjunct Pluto 29/1/22

Venus moves stationary preparing to go direct 29/1/22

New Moon 1/2/22 (Sun, Moon and Saturn in conjunction in Aquarius)

Mercury goes stationary preparing to go direct 3/2/22

Last week we experienced the Cancer Full Moon which pushed us to nurture our inner child and deal with those triggers and deeper emotions that may have surfaced over that period. The unpredictable energy was provoked further by Uranus changing direction on the 18th and then the Sun moving into Aquarius whilst dancing to the retrograde energy of both Mercury and Venus.

Mercury retrogrades back into Capricorn on the 26th of January, which will push you to relook at the foundation structures of what you are working with. This could be a business deal, a study contract, some important information that needs to be re-looked at before you agree or sign anything. This is doubly strong, because Venus the planet of money and values is also in retrograde until the end of this month. So if you can hold on until mid-next week when both Venus and Mercury will be moving direct again, you will find things should flow better then.

Patience and awareness are your key tools to have in your pocket for this week. Mercury conjuncts the intense energy of Pluto on the 29/1/22. This can be a breakthrough or a breakdown of some communication issues that may be blocking the clarity you are looking for. If you don`t get the answers on the 29th of Jan, then there will be another chance on the 11th of Feb when Mercury reconnects to Pluto (this time in direct motion) which may offer new information to move forward with.

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