Cancer Full Moon


The Cancer Full Moon is always the first full Moon of the year. It reminds us to take a step back when we are pushing too hard. This particular Full Moon will feel more intense as the light of the Cancer Moon opposes the Sun conjunct Pluto. Pluto adds an energy of intensity, power and the need to work through those deeper emotions. There may be some big reactions, triggers or explosive outbursts that push one out of the defensive place you may have been in. The Full Moon is a turning point, and a chance to see what is out of balance. You now have two weeks to release what needs to go as the Moon starts the waning process.

Mercury is now in retrograde too, and this may bring up information from the past. You may be pushed into having to redo, return, renovate or reassess things.  Remember the 3 key tips with Mercury in retrograde:

  1. Back up your data
  2. Double check before signing, sending or agreeing to anything significant
  3. Have a plan B in your pocket for those “just in case moments” that may catch you unexpectedly

Venus is also still in retrograde which may bring up relationships from the past. There may be money coming back to you or debt you may have forgotten about coming back to remind you. Venus is about values and in retrograde this will be a bout re evaluating important things.

Important tips to survive this Full Moon:

  • Don`t take things too personally. Step back if it is getting too intense
  • A birds eye view can give you a bigger perspective
  • Transformation is an important part of healing – move into the emotions and find a pro active way of working through things
  • If in doubt… trust your intuition or wait for a sign.
  • Ask for what you need – don`t assume.

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