Moving into 2022


Venus is the morning star at the moment as it is rising just before the Sun. It is still in retrograde, encouraging you to look deeper into what you value and how you want to be valued. This may be letting some defenses down, yet creating better boundary fences too.

Try to get all your ideas, intentions and information out to the right sources before Mercury slows down and starts its retrograde journey next week.

Jupiter has moved into Pisces now, and it is a great time to focus on your dreams and opportunities and create strategic stepping stones towards manifesting them. There may be some seeds you planted mid 2021 when Jupiter briefly visited Pisces, that may be worth pursuing now. The going is good to expand your horizons even if you can`t literally fly, there are other ways to soar above the mundane and open things up and make that circle bigger. Jupiter doesn`t stay in Pisces for long, so use the first part of 2022 to get things flowing.

The 16th of January seems to have some potency as Mercury turns retrograde, the Moon is almost Full and opposes the Sun/Pluto conjunction pushing some power issues into the light.

Moon signs for this week are:

  • 10/1/22 = Aries moving into Taurus
  • 11-12/1/22 = Taurus
  • 13-15/1/22 = Gemini
  • 16 -18/1/22 = Cancer (Full Moon in Cancer on the 17/1/22)

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