A year ago we were rooting for the 21st of December because we thought that once Saturn and Jupiter left Capricorn we would all be “saved…” Well we didn`t and we are still in this misty stormy adventure of WTF…. With no clear idea of where we are going. This illustration is a reminder of the natural timing of the Sun and the Moon between phases and seasons, between night and day, and the external and internal processes we go through every day in some way or another. Let`s use this insight of pacing ourselves with the in-breath and out-breath to stay centered in this time of uncertainty.

This time of the year generally feels manic as we try to navigate between the flurry and frenzy of the festive season. As the Sun moves out of the abundant and indulgent energy of Sagittarius into the more strategic and methodical sign of Capricorn, I ask you to stay with yourself over this period. You don`t have to spend all your money, time or energy on everybody else to feel appreciated. We are all tired, overwhelmed and possibly a little afraid because on this roller coaster ride no one quite knows when it will stop. So being present and recharged means a whole lot more than giving too much and then feeling depleted. People do understand. We need to be sensitive and compassionate.

Perhaps this festive season can be a great one to reboot how we celebrate it. Venus is in retrograde and this can be a time to go back to the roots of what we truly value and what we want to receive. Pluto is about rebirth and transformation. Let`s consciously use this conjunction to shift the overindulgent stigma attached to the festive days.

There are two planets out of bounds at the moment which also add extreme energy to the mix. The Moon is out of bounds and right now it is moving through the emotional and sensitive sign of Cancer. This can activate big emotions. It can also be a time where your intuition is heightened and the feelings you are getting are really strong.

Mercury is also out of bounds, so communication, conversations, thoughts, and ideas may go off on some serious tangents… again this can go either way depending on the situation, but if you can catch those wild ideas you are getting, they may just be seeds for some very interesting new projects or goals you are working on.

The waning Moon energy encourages you to release and let go of patterns and habits and things that need to go so that you can start on a new leaf for 2022. I will elaborate further on moving into 2022 next week when Jupiter moves into the sign Pisces – offering new opportunities for the year ahead.

Wishing you all a blessed time of connection and love.

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