Racing, facing, and embracing the Chaos

The eclipse period brought a lot of buried “stuff” to the surface. This can sometimes be difficult to work with as it has been suppressed for so long. The push /pull between the two opposite energies of SATURN( wanting to stay within the rule-bound safety of what it knows) and the rebellious URANUS energy ( that wants to break free of rules and restrictions that no longer work), are moving towards another square that intensifies the battle – exact aspect will be on the 25th of December.

This time of transformation is about facing the dragon and pushing past the fear patterns that hold us back. Right now Pluto conjuncts Venus, intensifying the value system and pushing us to look at what really is valuable in our lives and what we are just holding onto for security or comfort. Venus will go into retrograde on the 19th of December which will be a time to re-evaluate and relook at this theme carefully.

Mars moves out of Scorpio into the wide-open plains of Sagittarius. This feels quite ironic as we get tied in when Mars wants to run free.

Mercury moves out of Sagittarius into the hard-working sign of Capricorn – pushing us to find some structure and strategy in the way we understand and communicate the information that we are trying to process.

The Moon signs for this week are:

  • Moon in Aries 13-14/12
  • Moon in Taurus 14-16/12
  • Moon in Gemini 16-18/12

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