Adventuring Into Sagittarius


The Sun moves into Sagittarius today which seems quite ironic on some levels as Sagittarius energy is expansive and abundant, yet we seem to be closing in again to another wave of uncertainty and restriction.

Let’s take a closer look at how we can navigate the energies of Sagittarius to work constructively for us in this time of confusion and chaos:

  • Philosophy – Try to see the bigger picture from a place of a glass half full perspective. Every cloud has a silver lining. This positive outlook can attract positive energy and push you into a proactive space of looking at your options and opportunities.
  • Adventure – You are the captain of your own ship. Don`t let fear guide you. If there is a storm coming – make a plan, but don`t just sit there hoping for someone else to sail your ship.
  • Idealistic – Idealism can work for or against you depending on the outcome. If you idealize and expect it to just come to you, you are wasting precious time and procrastinating your time away. If you idealize (tap into the ideal, or an idea in its pure form) and then try to find a realistic plan to achieve it, you are now in the process of manifestation. A visualization is an active form of finding a way to attain something through creating a strategy to bring it into a realistic timeline.
  • Abundance – Sagittarius time can feel abundant as we head towards the festive season – This can feel overwhelming or exhilarating depending on circumstances. The focus is on creating a container to hold the abundance in.

Looking at other aspects for this week:

  • Feisty Mars is still in an opposition to the erratic energies of Uranus which can create some friction or unexpected sudden changes – with the “abundance” energy moving in now, it is easy to take on more than you can manage – take a step back or a moment to breathe to try to maintain the objective overview and the balance.
  • The waning Moon moves into the sensitive sign of Cancer today – listen to your feelings – they are trying to tell you something. Are you taking on too much? Is someone overstepping the boundary line? Emotions are our best indicators of the imbalances in our rhythm.

The Moon moves through the signs of :

Cancer – 22-25/11

Leo – 25-27/11

Mercury moves into Sagittarius on 25/11

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