Times, they are a changing


We are heading towards another Full Moon (19/11/21)– the Scorpio Sun, Taurus Moon one – you know those fixed full moons always seem to trigger a teensy bit deeper, and for those that felt the depths of the Scorpio New Moon and had those deep dark feelings shooken up by the opposition of Uranus pushing you to look at things rather than avoid them…. Well ya… this Full Moon will be the spot light. This Full Moon is particularly significant because it is the prelude Luna eclipse for the upcoming nodal change where the nodes will move in the signs of Scorpio and Taurus for the next 18 months. The Sun and the Moon will also form a square to Jupiter which can create mountains out of molehills and magnify the already intense fear driven energy. When in doubt – pause and listen to your intuition.

The Moon is highlighting the things that have been in the dark. Use these intuitive insights to feed your soul so that you feel stronger and can find ways to rebalance as the waning Moon allows you to slowly release what needs to be released to make space for new energy to flow in.

The strong Scorpio energy still flavors the week as the Sun, Mercury and Mars move through Scorpio. Venus is moving closer to the conjunction to Pluto which will be the theme for December (Venus = Values and Pluto = transform or reform).

So to put things into a “nutshell” The mixture of the Scorpio intensity forces us to deal with the shadowy side of things (discomfort) mixed with the fixed energy that can feel stuck, stubborn, heavy, frustrating and slow. Patience and persistence are needed as we push through the stubborn stuff yet we also are gentle with ourselves and those around us as things don`t suddenly transform. Right now we are in the process and it will take time.

November tends to be an intense time as exams, deadlines and tying things up can become quite stressful and tip the sensitive balance between work, rest and play. Remember to stay with yourself when things start get overwhelming and pausing for a moment to fill up your internal energy tank is vital. When you feel alive you inspire others and give them the sparkle that can help them to fill up their tanks too.

Wishing you all a beautiful week.

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