Looking Forward


Mercury and Jupiter have now stationed and will be slowly moving direct. The retrograde energy is easing now and the need to direct your focus on forward moving intentions, dreams and goals are now the focal point. Mars is still in detriment until the end of this month, so you will need to consciously stay on track and avoid the temptation of distractions that can entangle you and make it hard to complete the important tasks you need to do.

The flavor this week still has a strong Libra theme as the Sun, Mercury (now direct) and Mars move through this sign enhancing the qualities of relating, mediating, and balancing. Mars forms a trine to Jupiter which may help the feisty Mars energy to move more positively through the last degrees of Libra. Remember that the impulsive and animalistic energy of Mars needs to be directed for it to work constructively. Catch the impatience, impulsive urges and desires that tend to sabotage the steady progress you are doing.

The Moon is moving into Aries later today and then into Taurus on 21st -23rd. The Sun also moves sign just after sunrise (Cape Town time) on the 23rd starting the month of Scorpio birthdays.

I will be posting my upcoming workshops and talks weekly on my website over this period as we move towards the last part of 2021. Message me if you want to organize a private group. I am a mobile astrologer and can bring my insights to you in the comfort of your own home or studio or alternatively at my studio in Kommetjie.

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