Planetary Shifts

This Mercury retrograde feels particularly strong – we had the communication black-out last week, Cape Town has been experiencing load shedding again which affects the communication lines and there have been quite a few accidents- Mars, Sun conjunction linked to the Mercury. Pluto has just moved direct and Saturn is in the process of moving direct too followed by Jupiter and Mercury on the 17th. So with all these changes of direction, it is difficult to know quite what to do or plan too far in advance.

Venus moves into Sagittarius shifting the intensity a little and allowing a new more expansive energy to flow in. It conjuncts the south node which may add a karmic undertow that pushes you to look a little deeper at the nudges of a repetitive pattern that keeps trying to come back into your inner circle.

The focus for this week is to stay as calm as you can be by practicing centering exercises such as nature walks, meditation, quiet reflection time etc, and try not to take on more than you can manage. The triple conjunction in Libra can feel a bit like that juggler trying to juggle too many balls – and the chance that one will drop is strong, so rather put some down and juggle with less until things even out again next week.

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