The show must go on

The Sun moves into Scorpio shifting the energy to a more intense scenery of focus, depth, perception, the desire to control, transform and hold on to emotional attachments (perhaps a little tightly). Scorpio season is about streamlining, cutting through the surface to what lies beneath – sometimes this can be hard to digest – but it is an important part of the progression of moving forward. (Scorpio is about going deeper). You have to first understand the full story before you can branch out to the next level which happens with Sagittarius. Sagittarius is about going further).

This may be easier in theory than in practice as Mars is still firing on all cylinders in Libra in a square to Pluto which can cause havoc if you have been holding back and now things feel like a pressure cooker about to explode. This is particularly strong for those that have important planets on the last degrees of Libra, Capricorn, Aries, or Cancer. Things will still be intense until Mars moves into its own sign of Scorpio on the 31st of October where it can direct this intense energy in a more controlled way.

There are quite a few squares happening which are the obstacles and challenges that get in the way of the flow. Sun square Saturn (strongest on 30/10) – this is about working with the limitations, rules, restrictions that reality pushes in the way for us to learn through patience and persistence. The “out of bounds Venus squares Neptune which can create over the top ways of dealing with value lessons with no clear boundaries – boundaries may blur or idealism or illusion may obscure things.

So the dominant players this week are the feisty Mars/Pluto –(deep breathes) to avoid overreaction and destruction. The high air element – allowing for the birds-eye view of objectivity, information, and communication – but lacking the earth element which creates idealism and theory without the practical structures that help to put things into context of where we are at in the present moment.

So pack in a big dose of patience, simplify and streamline your daily rhythm to help you handle the turbulence as the Moon moves through emotional Cancer over the next two days triggering that Mars-Pluto square. There may be a strong urge to mood spend or escape into idealistic romantic desires. These can make great novels and poetry, but while the earth element is low, you may need to consciously create a realistic platform to help you keep your feet on the ground. Remember one step at a time….

Moon signs for the week are:

  • Gemini Moon 25/10
  • Cancer Moon 26-28/10
  • Leo Moon 29 -30/10

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