Virgo Time


Leo month just sped by and brought about some colour to play with. The flowers are out, the birds are singing and the morning light is coming earlier in the southern hemisphere.

Once in a blue Moon we have a Full Moon twice in the same sign. This time it was in the sign of Aquarius opposite the Sun in the last degrees of Leo. It feels right that this axis of Leo and Aquarius are emphasized and put in the spotlight as the theme of leader/king and the masses become the focal theme right now from so many angles.

The Sun moves into Virgo now shifting the energy into a space to focus on the details. Virgo is the sign of order. This tends to be accompanied with a lot of chaos to push us to realign, spring-clean, de-tox or focus on the necessary changes that can help us create the clean and clear platform to work within.

Mercury and Mars form a conjunction in Virgo at the moment. This can be a significant time to speak out and act on your ideas. It may also be a feisty time where anger pushes one to create the necessary changes that are needed. The underlying theme for 2021 is the transition that is happening within the masses/the people, the communities. The Full Moon illuminated this and Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius continue to churn things up and push things to the surface.

Here are some Virgo insights to work with:

  • Pay attention to the detail, but don`t get lost in them – keep things in context of the bigger picture.
  • Find the beauty within the imperfection –know when to step back and let things be.
  • After the party you need to clean up – use this time to clear, clean and release
  • Listen to your body – if it is tired – rest, hungry –eat, stressed – play more
  • It is a great time to de tox, find a new exercise regime, healthy eating plan, or fast if this is part of the release that needs to happen.
  • Spring clean

Looking at the other planetary movements: Venus is gracing her beautiful energy in the sign of Libra – highlighting the need for balance, justice and relating. The Mars and Mercury conjunction in Virgo pushes the need for a new order. All the outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) are in retrograde at the moment. This highlights the need to relook at things from a global perspective.

The waning Moon will be moving through these signs this week:

  • Moon in Pisces 23-24 Aug
  • Moon is Aries 25-27Aug
  • Moon in Taurus 27-29 Aug

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