Virgo New Moon


The past week has felt like wading through knee-deep mud as the opposition from misty Neptune to Mars in Virgo has created confusion, frustration, and a sense of fatigue. The waning Moon also has not made it easy to start new things or try to shift this energy.  We can now call in the new energy of the New Moon which starts for us in Cape Town in the early hours of the morning of the 7th of September. The New Moon is about new beginnings and starting on a clean slate and Virgo is all about order and cleanliness. This coincides with Spring in the southern hemisphere and can be a great time for clearing out the old and doing an external or internal spring clean.  The chart for this New Moon for Cape Town has a strong theme of communicating and connecting to find the balance, the justice, and the connection points to bring things together rather than fight the fog that has taken over (Mars opposite Neptune).

Venus is moving through its own sign of Libra which can offer some beauty, creativity, and a chance to embrace the gentler side of things, but unfortunately she is being squared  by the “power” energy of Pluto which creates intensity, power issues, and the need to control.

So in a nutshell there is a lot of Virgo anxiety, criticism and confusion (Neptune in Pisces opposite the Virgo planets) and part of your New Moon  focus is to shift the noise and the chaos and find your inner order to create the inner peace you need to move through this uncertain time we are in.

Key focus: Clarity, cleanliness, purity, simplicity, attention to the important detail that can only be found in a clean and clear room.  Have a beautiful day and may this month help you to find your way to what you need to stay in your strength.

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