Leo New Moon


Like birth

Here I go

With the utmost fortitude
Into the ultimate uncertainty – (an extract from the book I illustrated Bits in a Basket- words by Tass two crows flying)

This image and the words depict this new Moon so well.
We are all in the dark right now and we cannot rely on someone else to switch onnyour torch. This is the chance to find the courage and the love within yourselves and take that important step and sew those seeds from your heart.

Now more than ever we need to stay in our power. The power of true authen tic love that comes from loving and knowing yourself and then sharing and inspiring and collaborating with others so that we can make this circle bigger. When we switch on the light we see that those shadows were not so scary after all. Fear = False Evidence Appearing Real. If we all switch on our inner lights and work from a space of love we can shift this darkness and find our way through.

I am sharing Rick Levine’s write up as he explains this New Moon so well : August 8, 2021 — LEO GATE: NEW MOON, NOT NEW AGE PORTAL!

Inspirational energy pervades the atmosphere, but it is up to each of us to find ways to express our highest potential. The individualistic Leo New Moon at 6:49 am PDT is, like every New Moon, the beginning of the next emotional cycle. It is the prime astrological time to set intentions and to ritualize our ambitions. The dynamic square to innovative Uranus encourages bold action to breaks old habits that have outlived their usefulness. But the significance of spiritual Neptune reminds us to expand our minds and to push beyond the mundane world and into the realm of imagination. The New Moon forms a creative biquintile to ephemeral Neptune, opening doorways into higher dimensions.

Pleasure-seeking Venus in tense opposition to psychic Neptune can tantalize us with escapist visions that lead us astray. However, keeping our feet on the ground empowers us to bring our fantasies back down to Earth and turn our dreams into reality.

Unfortunately, it is tempting to buy into the popular notion of this being the “Lion’s Gate Portal.” Although many apparently reputable authorities have jumped onto this bandwagon, the “Lion’s Gate” is a fabricated event and has absolutely no basis in astrology. The term was coined to describe an Aquarius Lunar Eclipse in 1998. The justifications for it are based on misinterpretations, half-baked facts, and outright fictions. However, power is generated when many minds are focusing on the same thing collectively, even if their synchronization is based on nonsense. Nevertheless, we can derive even more benefit now by meditating on the majesty of the Lioness rather than the brute force of the Lion as we envision an anti-colonialist, non-patriarchal version of this profound Leo New Moon. Roar less; love more. Author Marianne Williamson wrote, “Each of us has a unique part to play in the healing of the world.”

We are at such a turning point and the intensity is pushed right up to max, so there is no comfort zone or parking bay, the pressure is on and the stronger the fear and control get, the stronger we need to be in our authentic light sharing with love and open-hearted connectedness. This is where the shift can come with this Leo New Moon where we no longer hold onto ego-related patterns of needing to be seen, recognized, appreciated prove something, be something. We just are and we can just be and through this shift, we can tap into our own treasure chest and find what it is that makes you shine as the individual that you are but also fit into the galaxy of other shining stars and together we can create the light that is needed.

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