Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff


I am going to start my blog a little differently today as I am already a day late. I am struggling with procrastination this week and I am trying to understand why…. I definitely feel lighter and less emotionally “water logged” since the Sun has moved into Leo, but I am really struggling to find a starting point to get motivated.

Here is the rundown of the planets for this week:  On Sunday afternoon 1st Aug  (Cape Town time) the Sun and Mercury were Cazimi (exact conjunction) in Leo. This point is powerful and the connections in that time can be seeds to potent creative potential, and this week can be a great one to work with these ideas, messages, concepts or intentions as we release what needs to go and prepare for the Leo new Moon on the 8th of August.

Jupiter has retrograded back into Aquarius after a brief spell in Pisces since mid May. Now is the time to take the experiences, dreams, yearnings, opportunities back to the drawing board and look at how to rework things to support your dreams. The good news is that Jupiter will be back in Pisces again from the 30th of December, so use this time now to really shift old habits, patterns and sabotage loops that have stopped you from attaining your dreams.

Mars and Venus have both moved into the orderly sign of Virgo now pushing us to look at the finer details and start fitting the puzzle pieces into a workable format.  Earth energy is about structure, strategy and rhythm. Avoid the tendency to over analyze, criticize, worry, stress about the small things or make mountains out of molehills – this can happen quite easily this week with the Moon moving through Cancer  (over react or “victim type” emotions) in its last phase before new and the Sun being in Leo (over dramatize) mixed with the Virgo  Mars and Venus energy (self crit…).

This week can also feel quite challenging because the Sun and Mercury are in opposition to Saturn and squaring Uranus which highlights the “angst” we have been feeling this year as part of us wants to hold onto what we know/knew (“safe”), and the other part is pushing to leap into the new… yet the path is not clear leading to uncertainty and fear patterns.

My message for this week is to use the creative, playful energy of the Leo Sun to stay connected to your inner child so that you can find the magic within the little ordinary moments. When you find yourself holding onto fear – look at the triggers, the repetitive patterns and what tools or support can you get to redirect this.

The Moon will be in Gemini today and then in its last phase in Cancer opposing Pluto before moving into Leo on the 7th Aug as it prepares for the New Moon on the 8th day of the 8th month. This can be quite a powerful release point this weekend if you can take the time to reflect on the emotional impact (transformation process time) this Lunar month has been from the Cancer New Moon on the 9/10th of July until the 7/8th of August.

So to wrap up this week`s insight: Use the waning Moon energy to release what needs to go. Use the creative Leo energy to create, inspire and play innovatively and colorfully and use the orderly energy of Virgo to put things into context so that they can work in your mundane rhythm.

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