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As the Moon forms an emotional spotlight to the turbulence we have been experiencing in various ways through the month of Cancer, the Leo Sun may feel like a warm sunny moment after duck diving emotional dumpers. However Leo energy also brings up issues of pride, ego patterns, the desire to be seen or heard in some relevant way that can create some challenges along the way as the Sun opposes Saturn in Aquarius. The main focus when the heat is on is to find that place of humbleness yet still remain true and inspiring in your own authentic way. To shine brightly yet to know when to allow others to take the lead or share the stage. Allow your inner child to dance freely. Let your hair down and play creatively.

Here are the significant planetary placements for this week:

  • The Sun moved into Leo 22/7/21 in the afternoon Cape town time and will dance through Leo until just before midnight on the 22nd of August. Key Sun aspects to pay attention to are: The Sun/Mercury in Leo opposite Saturn in Aquarius from the 2nd of August and this opposition will tighten into a T-square with Uranus as the week progresses 2/8 – 8/8 when the Moon connects with the Sun (new Moon in Leo) in this tension transit to Uranus and Saturn.
  • Venus has moved out of Leo and will be moving through the ordered slats of Virgo until the 16/8 – remind yourself to notice the beauty in between the cobwebs as Venus in Virgo can put the inner critic into overdrive.
  • Mercury moves into Leo on the 28/7
  • Jupiter moves back into Aquarius on the 29/7 until the end of the year
  • Mars moves into Virgo on the 30/7

The Moon conjuncts Jupiter in the sensitive and dreamy sign of Pisces today (struggling to focus on mundane work…. Huge procrastination going on…. Haha – this post is taking me much longer than usual as I escape into distractions).

Use this time to connect to your feelings, your dreams and your visions. This can help you to capture what it is you need to hold on to so that when Jupiter moves back into Aquarius for the next few months, you can create the renovated structures to help you to build your dreams into a reality.

The Moons journey this week is waning from Full to 2nd half and moves through Pisces 26 -28/7 and then into Aries 28-30/7 and spends the weekend in tactile and comfort zoning Taurus.

Have a beautiful connected week. XX Shine, create and dance your dance freely. Let the Leo energy bring out the dancer in you. Let your hair down and laugh a lot. It is good for the soul! 

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