Sharing and Caring


The sensitive and nurturing grand trine in the water signs between the Sun in Cancer, Moon in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces adds a lovely flow of caring and sharing from a heartfelt place. The Moon in Scorpio may still add deep and intense emotions, but with the right support and groups, you may find you can find a way through the tears to some kind of deeper understanding.The Cancer Sun and Scorpio Moon energy can make it difficult to let go of past hurt. It may be that you need some objective space to help you to see the bird`s eye view. Seeing the bigger picture may help you to find a way to process the deep feelings.

Venus conjuncts the fixed star Regulus on Tuesday which can add some royal treatment of sorts. Harvest your fruit while it is ripe because from Wednesday Venus moves into Virgo for about a month where things may be a little less abundant. The Sun also moves sign on Wednesday evening into Leo which help to dry things out a little and add some drama and colourful fun filled moments to re find your mojo. I tend to forget how emotional the month of Cancer can be until Leo is on the horizon beckoning its golden flag.

The Full Moon on the 24th will highlight the need to work through pride issues that may rear their head and find an amicable and creative way of bring your ideas into the community and the environment.

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