Heart Felt

We have just moved into the New Moon phase where we can now take those deep feelings and passionate ideas and direct them into something intentional.

Monday the 12th of July has a strong conjunction between Moon (emotions), Venus (values) and Mars (energy and drive) in the creative and passionate sign of Leo. This is quite a potent mix as the Moon is in mutual reception to the Sun (moon in Sun`s sign Leo and sun in Moon`s sign Cancer). This adds extra passion and desire to connect to those deep emotions and dormant creativity. Mars and Venus are opposite energies and need to be used consciously to find the best way to work this assertive and receptive desire. By being present and centered you can feel when it feels right to move (Mars) and when you need to just stay and allow things to come to you (Venus). Watch out for impatience and impulsive urges with Uranus adding a square to this conjunction. Allow the Moons intuition to guide you into moving into what you know you need to do from a heart level rather than a rational logical head level.

This is emphasized further by the logical, rational energy of Mercury moving out of its sign of Gemini into the heartfelt arena of the sign of Cancer – encouraging you to take your thoughts into a deep feeling space.

I wish you a beautiful and creative week of discovering, unfolding and creating.

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