The weeks just seem to blur into each other as we try to grasp some kind of rhythm to hold onto. The tension is still strong as the uncertainty lingers with Uranus in a tight square to Saturn in Aquarius and Mars in Leo. It will be hard to plan ahead and this unpredictable undercurrent is pushing you to just be present and work with each moment from a conscious  and present place.

The Sun in Cancer will enhance the emotional moods and for some the flood gates may feel a little more extreme. Use this time to release the pent up emotions, frustrations and fears by directing them into constructive and creative outlets.The Moon is waning which is part of the letting go process and it will be travelling through the signs of:  Taurus (5/7/21) and Gemini (6-8/7/21) and work its way towards the New Moon in Cancer by the end of the week (9-10/7/21).

The 8th of July can be significant as the Moon conjuncts Mercury in the sign of Gemini. This can be a good time to pause and work through the speeding thoughts that are whirling around and try to find a way to bring them into the heart space.

The 10th of July is New Moon. This Cancer New Moon is in opposition to Pluto which can add an intense pull, trigger or undercurrent energy of power/power issues that pushes you to really look at the underlying patterns that “push your buttons” or cause the overreaction or repeat patterns. Look at the period between the end of January – end of Feb as this may have some relevance to what you need to work through as Pluto is retrograding back to the same degree 25` Capricorn that it was over that period.

This can be a great time to plant some heartfelt seeds of intentions linked to home, family, and the need to nurture something close to your heart – this can be a great time to practice self love and add some TLC “me time” projects into your daily rhythm.

Venus forms a Conjunction with Mars in Leo which can be a great time to work on issues of pride and add in humility and compassion. Look at the dance between assertion and receptivity – when to move and when to trust that things will flow or come to you at the right time.

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