Driving with the handbrake up …

Just when we thought things would flow as Mercury moves direct again, the next planetary aspect pushes into the spotlight. This aspect is a combination of three very different energies jarring the edges and stopping us from falling back into comfort zones… Erratic and unpredictable Uranus forms a square to resistant and fear-driven Saturn as well as a square to feisty, impulsive Mars creating unease and tension. Mars wants to race ahead, and Saturn is suddenly pulling up the security gates and battening down the hatches…. This tension energy will probably be the strongest between 1-4 July as Mars moves into a tighter aspect with Uranus and Saturn. The 4th of July the Moon joins into this tension dance as it moves through the sign of Taurus and conjuncts Uranus. This is definitely a time to just take each day as it comes. The best way to work with the contradictory energies of Saturn`s need for control and structure, and Mars`s need for action and speed, is to pace your way forward in controlled speed. Avoid the knee-jerk reaction to put one foot on the accelerator and the other on the brake at the same time as it will get you nowhere fast…

Mercury is actually in a good space right now as it moves forward again in its own sign of Gemini. Look at the ideas and connections you had around the 20th of May and again around the 8th of June as these may play a role in some of your decisions, intentions or goals you move into now. Bear in mind that this retrograde was quite a trigger as most of the time Mercury was in retrograde, it was moving through the time of the two eclipses between the 26th May – 10th June which would have uncovered some deep and uncomfortable information to work through.

As rational Mercury moves forward, philosophical Jupiter sweeps its wide and expansive overview into reverse as it starts its retrograde journey. Now it is time to look at the bird`s eye view of the bigger picture of what is going on. Jupiter is still in its own sign of Pisces which can add a surreal energy to things.

The Moon moves through Pisces today in a conjunction with Jupiter – this can be very emotional and tears can flow. It can also be big dreams, the desire to escape. Try to use this energy to escape from the heaviness and find the connection to what your soul needs. This may be a dip in the ocean, a quiet reflective hike in nature, a spiritual retreat or just some quiet reflective time. The Moon moves into Aries 1st -3rd July and then moves into Taurus joining into the Uranus/Mars/Saturn aspect on the 4th. This could be quite reactive, disruptive, or unexpectedly erratic, dramatic, and innovative.

The moral of the story is – if the drumbeat changes, the dance changes… go with the beat and you will find your rhythm along the way. 

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