Scorpio Full Moon

So I tried a few times to do this in a Vlog, but it was not happening…too many interruptions and disruptions that got in the way of the video, so I am resorting back to the comfort zone of writing, which is probably the best right now with the strong planetary stellium in the fixed sign of Taurus.

Before I even focus on tomorrows Scorpio Super Full Moon let’s look at the energy of today where the Moon is still in Libra and preparing for the Full phase.

The Phase before full is called the Gibbous Phase and it feels a bit like the final edit, the looming deadline, the finishing touches beforehand in or the last-minute tidy-up or preparation before the party when all the guests will be arriving. This is a pressurized and stressful time where we tend to over-extend ourselves outwardly and forget to feed our inner needs. This then just pushes us into that place of overwhelm and exhaustion as we move into the Full Moon phase.

So today the Moon is in the sign of Libra which reminds us to find our balance between the inner and outer rhythm. Be gentle on yourself and feed your own emotional needs by letting go of unrealistic expectations, clutter, distractions, or noise that may be draining and overwhelming you today. Try to find that place of quietness and center yourself today so that you are inwardly prepared for the intensity of the Super Moon in Scorpio tomorrow morning.

This Full Moon is intense. Not only because it is in the sign of Scorpio that tends to trigger those uncomfortable emotions you have been pushing away,  but also because the Moon opposes the erratic and unpredictable energies of Uranus as well as Venus and Mercury that are also in Taurus. Taurus is about values and securities, so this will be the area that gets spotlighted over this Full Moon period.

The Sun/Uranus and the Moon are also in a square to Saturn adding further discomfort and  the desire to create defenses to avoid dealing with the uncomfortable feelings that maybe surfacing.

It is important to step back and observe the emotional reactions that are bubbling up. Look at what are the main triggers, and then find practical ways of shifting this to help you re-find your balance between your own inner needs and the obligations and the responsibilities to others.

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