The Sun moves into Taurus from 20/4/21 – 21/5/21

The things to consciously look out for while the Taurus energy is strong are:

  • Values – work on a deeper set of values that can help you to feel worthy and secure.
  • Change: – try not to resist the change – find ways to push past the blocks that stop the momentum – create a strategy that can support your intentions and allow for movement to happen. Taurus energy only moves when it feels secure, so look at what is creating the insecurity and plug those holes so that your boat is ready to sail.
  • Nature – try not to get too stuck on the material level. Spend time in nature, take your shoes off and feel the earth beneath your feet.
  • Patience – allow yourself the time to find your center. Make sure your feet are securely balanced on the ground – work from a practical and down to earth place to help you create the structure you need to help you take things further.
  • Inertia – Know when to move. Comfort zoning may seem like the easier option, but you will not grow or allow new opportunities to arise if you stay in the same old pattern. Make space for new things to come in while still holding space.

This year Taurus energy is a much needed Earth medicine to help us consolidate things and try to make sense of how to move forwards.

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