The strong Taurus energy reminds us to keep our feet on the ground


The intensity we are feeling comes from the square between Structured Saturn and the Moon in the fixed sign Aquarius and erratic Uranus and the Sun in the fixed sign Taurus. This creates a tension between holding on to what you know and the restless need for change. To add extra intensity into the mix, Mercury moves onto the fixed star Algol on Monday and Tuesday which can create hysteria or as the book says “loss of head..” Step back and give yourself some breathing space between yourself and the issue that may be overwhelming you right now. By Wednesday Mercury moves into Gemini which frees the pressure a little and you may be able to find you can navigate your way around the things that you were feeling stuck in over the past few days.

Thursday and Friday the Moon moves through sensitive, dreamy Pisces. Avoid procrastinating and escaping from what you know you need to do. Use the practical Taurus energy to create a strategy to help you pace yourself through this misty period.


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