Seasons they are changing …


The Sun moves into the sign of Cancer today and we celebrate the Winter/Summer Solstice – the change of seasons and the turn of the night and day times as the Southern hemisphere gears towards longer days and the Northern slowly prepares towards the inward journey.

This is paired with Mercury ending its retrograde time and going direct from the 22nd of June and as Mercury goes direct, Jupiter prepares for its retrograde journey from tomorrow. This is an interesting dance because Mercury rules the rational mind and focus on facts and details, and Jupiter has a broader philosophical view on things. So in a way the retrograde journey of Mercury has gone through the details that needed to be relooked at and now Jupiter can do a broader survey of the bigger picture.

The Moons movements for this week are: It is waxing through the sign of Scorpio until the afternoon of the 22nd where it then will move into Sagittarius until the 24th and moves into Capricorn. This is also the Full Moon.

I will write a more detailed blog on the sign of Cancer. Have a beautiful week.

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