RELEASE to find your inner PEACE


The past two weeks have been a time to really work through those uncomfortable deeper emotions and reactions you may have been feeling. We are nearing the 2nd eclipse (Solar eclipse) at the New Moon on the 10th June which can be a time to bring closure or clarity to the things that came up during the Super (full) Moon on the 26th of May. Use this week to pause and release what needs to go and allow yourself the chance to reflect on things from a deeper place of being with yourself.

There are a lot of triggers that can pull you away from your center such as:

  • The Taurus Moon conjunct Uranus today which adds an edgy energy of push pull as the Taurus Moon wants to “comfortzone” and does not want change, and Uranus is the change energy that pushes things anti clockwise and adds that discomfort of having to get up when all you want to do is put the duvet over your head and hope it goes away…
  • The Mercury retrograde square Neptune enhances the tendency towards misunderstandings, confusion, and crossed lines. So don`t assume, rather make sure the message is clear and understood.
  • The Mars opposite Pluto adds heated tension – brooding, smouldering energy that needs release – hopefully directed in a positive avenue to avoid eruptions and explosions – this can be quite a destructive energy if it is not directed – the Cancer Mars tends to act defensively and if you are too close to the issue this can be like that dynamite string that has been left lit too long. Again the message here is communication. Ask for support or assert yourself in ways that helps you to feel understood or help things go the way they need to go. Don`t wait until it gets too intense.

So the Moon transits for this week are:

  • Moon in Taurus 7- 8 June (conjunct Uranus and square Saturn today)
  • Moon in Gemini 9 – 11 June (10 June New Moon, eclipse and conjunct Sun, Mercury Rx)
  • Moon in Cancer for the weekend.

So we are in the last phase of the waning Moon and it is about letting go and doing the inner preparation work as we prepare for the New Moon in Gemini on the 10th which not only is a Solar eclipse, but also the Sun and Moon conjunct the retrograde Mercury and form a square to Neptune so this means you need to pay extra attention to the information you are receiving – avoid the deceptive and confusing energies that Neptune brings – double check, listen to your instincts, ask twice and if in doubt wait until the mist clears.

I wish you a beautiful week of clearing and cleansing and clarity through taking the time to do the inner work.

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