Journeying beyond the boundaries – time to explore and expand.


Wow! We are in June already!?! What a rollercoaster ride this past week has been! Between the Super (Full) Moon and eclipse energy, mixed with Saturn and Mercury turning retrograde and Jupiter going from Aquarius into the dreamy and boundary-less sign of Pisces can definitely wobble even the most sturdy off their tracks.

So let’s unpack this: The Full Moon is like a spotlight into the unconscious part of your persona. The part we try to push aside to adapt to the external conscious side of our life – fitting in, being recognized, achieving goals, being responsible… etc. So at full Moon if the flow between our inner needs and our outer aspirations are out of balance – this becomes the emotional overwhelm or wobble point pushing us to take note and shift our life styles to be more in-sync to your authentic rhythm. The Super Moon intensifies the emotional reactions.

Jupiter moving out of a Saturn ruled sign into the wide open dream spaces of Pisces can also be a little overwhelming. It’s a bit like the feeling of being tied in due to exams, or other restrictions and you yearn to be free, then suddenly the door opens and you are free, but then there is just too much time and space and you don`t quite know where to start. Take a pause moment and focus on what you really want to attain while this abundant energy is strong over the next 2 months. A clear strategy and working rhythm can help you to pace your way forwards and upwards and plant the important seeds. Allow yourself to dream and then set a clear intention, a strategy and action plan to help you along the way.

Lastly let`s look at trickster Mercury retrograding through its own sign Gemini in an exact square to dreamy Neptune. This square is actually what is creating the confusion, because logic and ideals are getting blurred and entangled. Remember that a retrograde time is a great time to re look at things and gain a better understanding of information you have already been through. This reboot can reactivate your interest and confidence and give you the understanding from a better place by re reading the rules and the information again.

The Moon sign for this week is: 1st of June Moon in Pisces conjunct Jupiter. It moves through Pisces until the 4th June and will be in Aries for the weekend.

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