Navigating the Scorpio Waters

The Sun is cruising through the deep and intense sign of Scorpio. Mars joins the Sun feeling much more at home in Scorpio than it did in Libra. You may find you can now streamline your intentions better and once Mercury moves into Scorpio on the 6th of November your focus will be far better – less distractions and more chance to concentrate and focus on what needs to get accomplished.

We have the Scorpio New Moon on the 4th of November which can be a great chance to dig deep and plant those seeds of insight and transformation. Add lots of nurturing and a big dose of courage to help you get these seeds of power growing in the way you would like them to grow. This New Moon in Scorpio is in an exact opposition to Uranus in Taurus. There may be an unexpected surprise or change of plans that push you to stay present and work intuitively with your intentions.

Venus is also about to change signs after an adventure period through the sign of Sagittarius. She enters Capricorn on the 5th of November and will be spending an extra-long period in this sign due to the Venus retrograde that happens in December.

Mercury is moving away from a square to Pluto which may have intensified communication or obsessive thoughts. We need to remind ourselves to lighten up. Scorpio energy digs deep. From the “all over the place” energy of Mercury, Mars, and the Sun in Libra to suddenly having these energies in Scorpio can feel like floating on a fluffy cloud with no rudder going where the winds blow to diving deep, deep down to the deep waters where extremes are the norm and negotiating and redirecting ar areas to consciously add in to maintain some kind of balanced flow.

Looking at the Moon through the signs for this week:

Moon in Libra: 2-3 Nov

Moon in Scorpio (New Moon): 4-5Nov

Moon in Sagittarius: 6-7 Nov

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